Carey Finn

Carey Finn

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This 12-track CD has been in the making since January 2010. The studio is Water Music Recording Studios in Hoboken, NJ.  Musicians include:

  • Carey Finn: Lead Vocals and BGV's (background vocals)
  • Jeremy Beck: Vocals on Grow Old with You, Organ, Synths, Rhodes, Percussion, BGV's on Seal the Deal and Come Dance with Me
  • Keith Fluitt: BGV's on What If, Let Jesus In, Had Enough of It and Keep it Moving
  • Chris Hughes: Drummer and creative director for Let Jesus In
  • Paul Ognissanti: Bass
  • Monroe Quinn: Electric and Acoustic Guitar
  • Katie Suter: BGV's for the song Let Jesus In
  • Jon Werking: Piano, Creative director for the song What If
  • Justin Flynn: Clarinet and Saxophone
  • Joe Deninzon: Violin
  • Aaron Heick: Tenor Sax
  • Birch Johnson: Trombone
  • Doug Hinrichs: Congas and Percussion
  • Lore Shelton-Ambers: BGV's on Keep it Moving

Information about purchasing the CD or specific tracks coming soon!

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